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29 August 2022 · 2.5 min. read
Tech Smart:

The internet connection of the future is now available: 25 gigs of speed!

Internet connections have been evolving for years to the point where we are today, where a 1 Gbps connection is no longer unusual. Traders around the world seem hell-bent on pushing their boundaries, something that is obviously possible as technology improves. A company in the United States has become the first to offer speeds of 25 Gbps, a milestone. We tell you more about it.

This type of fiber is still quite strange in our country, but it has already begun to be marketed in the United States it is a big step that shows that it is no longer a fantasy. With this type of connection, an impressive download and upload speed is guaranteed and, proof of this, it is a convention center, the first in the world to also offer such a high speed.

EPB launches the first 25 Gbps Connection

As we told you, The American company EPB has been a pioneer in launching 25 Gbps fiber to the market (25,000Mbps). This company operates in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was also one of the first operators to offer both 1 Gbps fiber and 10 Gbps fiber. This fiber will be available for both companies and private customers, and it will be through a fiber optic network that ensures that connections will be symmetrical, so they will provide the same download speed as upload speed.

The first site in the world with this technology was the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Convention Center, thus being the first center of its kind in the world to offer such a powerful connection. In this way, the Center will ensure a level of connection that will allow it to be the venue for all kinds of business conferences, e-sports competitions or events for live broadcasts without any problem. This new equipment is also being installed at the convention center in collaboration with Arista Networks, which is providing the equipment to upgrade the convention space to WiFi 6.

Vicky Gregg, EPB Board President: “EPB keeps Chattanooga at the forefront. Once again, we are breaking the typical approach for Internet Service Providers by proactively upgrading to the latest technologies in anticipation of future needs. Our goal is to enable new frontiers for technical innovation and job creation for our customers for the benefit of our entire community.”

The launch of this new record connection by EPB has been possible thanks to the effort of this operator to upgrade the entire fiber optic network with Nokia’s 25G PON symmetric broadband fiber technology. Thanks to this technology, the operator will be able to provide 25 Gbps services to any client on its network no need for special installations, which is a great advance. The latest update made by this company therefore uses 25GS PON technology incorporated in the same fiber nodes and using the same fiber used by the existing GPON and XGS-PON network.

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