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25 July 2023 · 4 min. read

EPB Quantum Network Powered by Qubitekk Accepting Applications

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (July 24, 2023) – EPB Quantum Network℠ powered by Qubitekk, America’s first commercially available quantum network, is now accepting applications from prospective customers. To learn more about subscription packages, visit or contact Business Development Account Manager Kirk McLemore at

“EPB Quantum Network has reached the next milestone in advancing the commercialization of quantum technologies by opening applications to companies and researchers to test their innovations in the real world,” said EPB President & CEO David Wade. “Through this new infrastructure, we are supporting our nation’s efforts to be globally competitive in the commercialization of quantum technologies while joining efforts to prepare Chattanooga’s workforce and local economy to benefit from this rapidly emerging industry sector. Since we launched EPB Quantum Network last fall, we’ve spoken to organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies and national government agencies pursuing quantum technologies that have indicated they can benefit from having access to a resource like EPB Quantum Network.”

To ensure network performance and stability, onsite network engineers use software to monitor more than 300 data points every second, 24/7/365. Customers can generate, distribute and measure qubits across EPB Quantum Network’s dedicated fiber optic cable using the latest foundational quantum equipment.

  • Photonic qubit sources
  • 4 parallel qubit channels
  • Single photon counting detectors
  • Quantum-compatible fiber optic switches
  • Integrated automatic polarization control
  • Flexible network architecture
  • Dedicated fiber optic lines for distributing qubits
  • Precision timing
  • Network configuration software

“The quantum industry continues to rapidly evolve as new applications continue to be discovered, ranging from accelerating drug development, to quantum sensors that can give advanced earthquake warnings, to optimized truck routing that can notably lower greenhouse gas emissions,” said Qubitekk President, Co-Founder and CTO Dr. Duncan Earl. “EPB Quantum Network is responsive to the diverse needs of quantum innovators, whether customers are running existing applications, testing new quantum technologies or validating equipment performance. The strength of EPB Quantum Network is that all customers, no matter their size or sector, can tap into the resources offered by the network to quickly enable their applications and test their quantum products.”

EPB works with prospective customers to design options for various use cases and offer subscription packages tailored to diverse needs to support the goals of customers developing new products, proving investment readiness, seeking grant funding or conducting equipment testing. All users keep their intellectual property, which is protected on the network with multiple layers of hardware and software boundaries.

EPB Quantum Network’s design includes 216 dedicated dark fibers with capacity for 10 quantum interconnected nodes across downtown Chattanooga and a separate, community-wide 9,000-mile fiber optic network to provide additional opportunity for scalability. EPB Quantum Network is managed by EPB of Chattanooga, which launched the country’s first community-wide Gig service in 2010, and now operates the world’s fastest community-wide internet at speeds up to 25 Gig. The network architecture was designed by U.S.-based Qubitekk to be configurable for customers validating quantum product performance, testing new quantum technologies, running quantum security applications and other uses.

EPB Quantum Network offers secure, short-term utilization of quantum nodes as well as the option to lease nearby workspace for longer-term use.

About EPB

EPB is an independent board of the City of Chattanooga which began serving customers in 1939 and today reaches a 600-square-mile service territory including the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the surrounding area. With the mission of enhancing quality of life in our community, EPB operates the most advanced and highly automated smart grid power distribution system in the United States and has received recognition from J.D. Power for Best Customer Satisfaction for Residential Electric Service in the South among Midsize Utilities over the last seven consecutive years. In 2010, EPB launched the country’s first community-wide Gig speed internet and still operates the world’s fastest community-wide internet service today at speeds up to 25 Gig. Committed to keeping Chattanooga on the cutting edge, EPB announced the creation of America’s first commercially available quantum network in 2022: EPB Quantum Network℠ powered by Qubitekk. Learn more at

About Qubitekk

Qubitekk designs, builds and integrates the hardware and software for quantum networks, precursors to the quantum-enabled internet while championing the growth of a robust quantum ecosystem through education, advocacy and collaboration. Qubitekk’s comprehensive entanglement distribution technology is at the core of the Bohr-IV Metro Quantum Network solution deployed at EPB and utilized in its Quantum Network Essentials product line and secure network solutions being developed for drones, satellite communications and the electric grid.

Co-founded by Dr. Duncan Earl, a nationally recognized pioneer in the field of practical quantum applications, Qubitekk holds more patents than any American player in quantum communications and security and has been recognized with an Edison Gold Award and R&D World’s R&D 100 Award. Qubitekk’s quantum technology is empowering the next generation of solutions for AI, machine learning, automation, sensing applications, cybersecurity and secure communications. The company’s growing list of partners and customers includes NASA, GE, Verizon, Juniper, the United States Department of Energy and the United States Department of Defense. For more information, visit

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