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28 February 2022 · 3 min. read

Is an EV right for you? Ask an EPB Energy Pro.

Thinking about buying an electric vehicle? Our EPB Energy Pros can help you with that decision. It’s one of their many areas of energy expertise,

Here are some reasons an EV might be right for you: · Electricity is a lot cheaper than gas — No more watching the prices rise at the pump. Not only is electricity less expensive than gas, we have some of the lowest power rates in the nation here in our EPB service territory.

  • Driving experience — EVs have great acceleration, quiet interiors, and sure-footed handling due to the heavy battery mounted low in the car.
  • No more oil changes, spark plugs or transmission repairs — EVs are easy to service and maintain.
  • No more tailpipe emissions — There is a myth that EVs are worse for the environment due to the materials and manufacturing required for batteries. While it’s true the carbon impact is higher for the manufacturing of EVs, the lifetime emissions of the car are 30% of the lifetime emissions of a gasoline vehicle.
  • Electricity from EPB is very reliable — Our EPB Smart Grid is one of the most reliable and resilient Smart Grids in the United States.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How do EVs compare with conventional vehicles on cost?

EVs tend to be a bit more expensive to purchase than their gas-powered counterparts. However, when you consider the total ownership cost of a vehicle over the entire time you drive it, EVs are a much better deal than comparable conventional cars. With federal tax incentives up to $7,500 for a new car and lower maintenance, EVs quickly payback that higher purchase price and you have more money in your pocket within a few years. Find out how much you can save with the U.S. Department of Energy calculator here.

  • How far do you need to drive?

Let’s face it, we all know that EVs can’t go as far as a gasoline car. But do you really need to drive 500 miles every day? Many EVs can go over 250 miles on a single charge. Given that 90% of daily commuting for drivers in the U.S. is less than 40 miles, that would mean you would only need to charge about once per week. If you often drive on long trips, an EV may still be a good option. If you typically drive about 2-3 hours between stops, you would only need to stop for 10-15 minutes to “top off” and keep going.

  • What kind of vehicle do you prefer?

EVs come in a range of styles, but most are smaller sedans and hatchbacks (sometimes called crossover SUVs). However, there is a wave of new models coming including the F-150 Lightning and the VW Microbus.

  • Where will you charge?

Most EV owners simply charge at home. EVs can be charged with a simple 120-volt household outlet. Some drivers prefer to install a faster charger which uses 240-volt outlet that may require an electrician to install. Our EPB Energy Pros can give you advice about home charging: which one to buy, where to install it, and who can help you install it. If you live in an apartment or condo without a charging station, you may want to consider what public or workplace options you have. You can find all the locations near you here.

Chattanooga has more public charging stations that most cities our size, and there’s more to come. EPB began building public charging stations years ago and we’re in the process of providing more. We’re also working with TVA and other partners to install public charging stations every 50 miles along interstates and major highways across the state. EPB is a member of Drive Electric TN — a statewide organization to increase EV adoption. The goal is to have 200,000 electric vehicles on Tennessee roadways by the year 2030. The State of Tennessee is now 3rd in the nation for electric vehicle production. The future is bright for EVs in the Volunteer State. Buying an electric vehicle can helps support our state’s economy and our neighbors who work to build EVs.

Give our EPB Energy Pros a call to learn more, They can do consultations remotely by phone or video call to answer any energy questions you have. They can also complete an in-person or virtual assessment with our free home energy checkups for EPB customers. They’ll provide you with personalized recommendations about EVs and other cost-effective ways to save energy. All of these services are available to both homeowners and renters at no charge to help you get the most value from the energy you use. Just book an appointment at or give them a call at 423-648-1372.

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