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04 March 2021 · 2 min. read

Top five reasons to consider an Electric Vehicle

Chattanooga, Tenn. (February 4, 2021) - Do you see an electric vehicle in your future? EPB Director of Business Top five reasons to consider an Electric Vehicle Intelligence Bill Copeland shares top five reasons you might consider buying an EV, especially if you live in Chattanooga. 

Fuel Costs

According to Consumer Reports, fuel costs to power EVs are less than gas-powered vehicles saving an average of $1000 annually in fuel expense.  Chattanooga area drivers could save even more when operating EVs.

“We have some of the lowest and most stable electric rates in the nation, so driving an EV here is even cheaper than in many places in the country,” said Copeland.  “The electric industry is a regulated, cost based one – meaning that you only pay the cost of what the electrons take to produce, compared to for profit industries.  Additionally, electric rates are dramatically less volatile and do not change very often as compared to gasoline which changes frequently.”


“Since the EPB smart grid was put into place in 2009, measured customer outages have been reduced by more than half,” said Copeland.  “If your transportation capability is dependent on your home’s electricity provider, reliable service is more important than ever and EPB can and will deliver.”

Public charging stations

“Chattanooga enjoys one of the highest public charging densities in the United States,” said Copeland.

According to Consumer Reports, EVs with a range of 250+ miles typically do 90+% of their charging at home, needing only occasional stops at public fast chargers, like when you are on long trips.

Local and state economic impacts

“With electric vehicle manufacturing located in Chattanooga (VW), Smyrna (Nissan) and Spring Hill (Cadillac), when you choose to drive an EV you also support local jobs and economic vitality,” said Copeland.


“Driving an EV produces no local emissions and one third of the aggregate emissions of a comparable internal combustion vehicle,” said Copeland.  “Given Chattanooga’s emphasis on preserving our environmental assets, driving an EV is a way to be responsible environmentally and save money at the same time.”

EPB is proud to serve in a thought leadership role around how EVs will benefit our customers and all Tennessee Valley residents.

“EPB has been an active participant in Drive Electric Tennessee and was part of the development of a roadmap to get 200,000 EV’s on our state’s roadways by 2030,” said Copeland.  “This work, along with partnering with TVA, other local power companies and internally developing products/services to meet customer’s charging needs and customer/dealer awareness materials are just some of the ways that EPB hopes to help customers evaluate if an EV is right for them.”

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