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What happens if I’m late paying my monthly payment?

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If we do not receive payment by the 16th day after your billing date, a late fee will be added to your balance, and your account will be considered delinquent. The late fee is 5% on the first $250.00 of the amount owed, and 1% on the remaining balance above $250.00. A reminder notice will be mailed, indicating the amount of payment due. Payment must be received by EPB Electric Power within seven days of this reminder notice in order to avoid disconnection of your service. Please note that EPB Electric Power field representatives cannot accept payments. If you foresee difficulty in paying a bill, call us at (423) 648-1372 and we may be able to extend your payment deadline. In special circumstances, we may also be able to direct you to social service agencies for financial assistance.

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Yes. Pre-Pay Power enables you to set up an account with an initial $50 payment to be applied against future power use. With Pre-Pay Power, you pay for power before you use it – like putting gas in your car. Add funds to your account 24 hours a day, and receive alerts when your balance is low. With the Pre-Pay Power option, there are no late fees, no disconnect fees, no security deposit and no surprise bills. However, initial connection fees do still apply.

Solar Share is located along Holtzclaw Avenue across from Warner Park.

Call 423-648-1372 to join Solar Share.

There are several options. You can buy a multi-year license for a one-time payment of $578 per solar panel, plus a $10 annual maintenance fee per panel in exchange for a monthly bill credit equal to the generation of the total number of panels licensed. Panel licenses can be sold back to EPB at any time for a depreciated rate. You can lease month to month for $3.50 per panel per month, you will receive a monthly bill credit equal to the generation of the total number of panels you select. This low-cost option can be cancelled at any time.

Call 423-648-1372 to join Solar Share.

There is no charge for residential installation. And, with EPB there are no contracts or hidden fees.

Your security deposit – plus interest – may be refunded upon your request after 12 months of continuous service and a good payment record on residential accounts. If you disconnect your service before your deposit is refunded, the full amount of the deposit and any accrued interest will be applied toward your final bill. Any amount remaining will be refunded to you.

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