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What is the charge for going over my data limit?

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With EPB Fiber Optics, there are no data limits. Use all of the data you want at no additional charge.

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There are many reasons why you may not be achieving Gigabit speeds. Let's start by pointing out that the best way to get the maximum internet speed is to connect your computer directly to the EPB Fiber Optics jack using a Cat 5e ethernet wire. Keep in mind that advertised speeds can rarely be achieved on WiFi because the signal strength diluted over a wireless network. If you're using a WiFi router, there are several factors that can affect your performance. The age and type of wireless router, as well as its placement in your home are determining factors of speed and performance. And, like all technology, wireless routers are continually improved and updated for better performance. If you're using older equipment that wasn't made to handle such speeds, we recommend that you upgrade your router and computer if necessary.

For more information, watch this helpful Tech Tip video. If you're still having trouble, give us a call anytime at 423-648-1372.

Setting up a home WiFi network is the perfect way to share the internet throughout your home on various connected devices, and it’s as easy as purchasing a wireless router.

For our 300 Mbps Internet service, we recommend an “80.11n dual band” router. These routers allow access to connections from 2.4Ghz up to 5Ghz and range in price from $80 to $100 at most electronics retailers.

For our Gig customers, we highly recommend an “802.11ac” router. Unfortunately, there are no wireless routers currently on the market that are capable of delivering a full gigabit of speed, but “ac” routers are the fastest available so far. They range in price from $135 to $250 at most electronics retailers.

Plug the wireless router into the indoor modem box EPB-installed Ethernet wall outlet using a Cat5 Ethernet cable (included with the router) and then simply follow the instructions provided by the router manufacturer on setting up your own home WiFi network.

Fiber optic technology transmits information using laser-generated pulses of light that travel over hair-thin strands of glass fiber. Because light travels faster than anything else in the universe, fiber optics provide faster uploads and downloads while reducing network reaction times. Traditional communications companies use copper lines to transfer their signal to your home or business. EPB Fiber Optics is the area's only provider that uses 100% fiber optics.

If you forget your password, click on “forgot password” and a reset link will be sent to the email address linked to your account. Follow the instructions to reset the password. If you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to call EPB 423-648-1500 and we will be happy to assist.

There is no charge for residential installation. And, with EPB there are no contracts or hidden fees.

Residential customers may request to be billed on one of four optional dates each month. To choose a due date that’s right for you, call us at 423-648-1372.

Business customers can call 423-648-1500 to speak with a business account representative about options available to you.

EPB encourages all customers to enroll in paperless billing. When you do, you will receive a one-time $10 credit per account. To switch to paperless billing, please click here or call 423-648-1372.

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