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What is the charge for going over my data limit?

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With EPB Fiber Optics, there are no data limits. Use all of the data you want at no additional charge.

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With EPB Fiber Optics, there are no data limits. Use all of the data you want at no additional charge.

Fiber optic technology transmits information using laser-generated pulses of light that travel over hair-thin strands of glass fiber. Because light travels faster than anything else in the universe, fiber optics provide faster uploads and downloads while reducing network reaction times. Traditional communications companies use copper lines to transfer their signal to your home or business. EPB Fiber Optics is the area's only provider that uses 100% fiber optics.

Yes, if you applied online at or by mail and have been approved, forward your National Verifier application ID to EPB Customer Service. EPB representatives will add this discount to your account and email you when completed. If you are already approved for Lifeline, there is no need to re-apply for ACP. You’re automatically eligible. Let us know you already have Lifeline, we’ll verify it and apply your ACP benefit.

No. You must have EPB Fi-Speed Internet for Business to be eligible for Smart Net Plus for Business Wi-Fi service. Smart Net Plus for Business Wi-Fi can be added to your EPB business internet for a separate cost of $25 more per month.

Yes, there will be a charge of $100 for each router/extender you do not return.

Smart Net Plus answers our customers' need for a cutting-edge Wi-Fi solution that's professionally installed and optimized to deliver whole home coverage with a high degree of cybersecurity (including automatic security updates to help block the latest cyberthreats).

The router we use will support 64 clients/devices, per radio (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radios included) at any given time.

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