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    Fi TV Select

    If your EPB service still uses a set top box, we’ll help you take advantage of all of Fi TV Select’s great features. Refer to the resources below for more information.


    Get the ultimate TV with no set top box

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    The EPB Fi TV app offers the same three Channel Packages as our previous TV plans, including:

    • Bronze (23 channels, including all local affiliates)
    • Silver (95 channels)
    • Gold (156 channels plus 50 music channels)

    All available On Demand content for each network is also included.

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    Fiber optic technology transmits information using laser-generated pulses of light that travel over hair-thin strands of glass fiber. Because light travels faster than anything else in the universe, fiber optics provide faster uploads and downloads while reducing network reaction times. Traditional communications companies use copper lines to transfer their signal to your home or business. EPB Fiber Optics is the area's only provider that uses 100% fiber optics.

    There is no charge for residential installation. And, with EPB there are no contracts or hidden fees.

    Try pressing the STB button located in the upper left of your remote to sync it with your tv’s set top box. Then your remote will begin controlling Fi TV instead of another component. If you're still having trouble, give us a call anytime at 423-648-1372.

    Unfortunately no. Fi TV Select service is no longer available for ordering and cannot be transferred to a new address. However, we have a better option. App-based EPB Fi TV works over the internet on many smart TVs and most streaming devices (like Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Apple TV, Android devices and others). It offers all of the same channels and features plus more and works on most popular streaming devices, so it doesn’t require you to rent set top boxes.

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    Yes. You can add any of our Premium Channel or Additional Channel packages at any time.

    The 25 Timeshift channels are determined by national network rankings combined with the channels our customers watch the most. However, most channels on the EPB Fi TV app lets you restart live programs over from the beginning and replay programs for up to 3 days after they air.

    Learn more about the EPB Fi TV app.

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    Channel listings by package

    The interactive guide below may include temporary, free preview channels that are not available in the package you select.
    Please refer to the digital PDFs below for the most current channel tier listings.