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In difficult times, we’re here to help

Peace of mind is within reach

From life changes to emergency expenses, we’ve all had times when our monthly bills are too big for our budget. If you or someone you know is worried about making or missing a payment, there are available energy assistance programs and agencies to help.

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Energy Assistance Programs

Explore these payment arrangement and financial aid programs that can provide relief in times of stress.

Request a payment extension

Do you need a little more time to gather funds for your bills? We’ll do everything we can to accommodate what you can afford right now. And if you qualify for an extension, you’ll have up to 7 days to pay your bill without service disruptions.

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EPB PowerShare

This program provides direct assistance with utility bills when you need it most. Simply reach out to United Way of Greater Chattanooga to receive financial aid made possible through donations and pledges from neighbors who care and want to help.

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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Income-qualified families can get up to $650 in support from LIHEAP every year to help pay utility bills — even if your bills aren’t past-due yet, you aren’t on public assistance and regardless of whether you rent or own.

Get help from LIHEAP

Additional local resources that can help

Check out this helpful list of the abundant financial assistance programs available in Chattanooga. You’ll find anything from help with rent and mortgage costs to heating emergencies and free food or prescription programs.

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Fiber Assistance Programs

We understand that internet connectivity is just as important as your electric service to support your work and education needs. That's why we offer two programs to help those in need in our community.

HCS EdConnect

Families with Hamilton County students may qualify for FREE internet! Get the World’s Fastest Community-Wide Internet and best Wi-Fi at home year-round from EPB to support your family’s education. Any household with full-time Hamilton County students who receive free or reduced-cost lunch are eligible. You may also qualify if you participate in SNAP or other economic assistance programs.

This local program, which aims to reduce the digital divide, is made possible through a community partnership including EPB, Hamilton County, the City of Chattanooga, the State of Tennessee, the BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Foundation and the Smart City Venture Fund, which includes the Benwood Foundation, the Community Foundation, the Footprint Foundation and the Robert L. and Kathrina H. Maclellan Foundation.

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Free EPB services and tools that can help you manage and save on energy costs

Nearly all homes, especially older ones, have room for improvement when it comes to energy efficiency. Check out these complementary EPB resources created to support your home energy goals, potentially adding up to hundreds of dollars per year or more in energy savings.

EPB Levelized Billing

Eliminate billing surprises by averaging out your energy costs with EPB Levelized Billing. You’ll know what to expect on your bill each month and avoid billing spikes in summer and winter months. Enroll in minutes anytime if you’ve lived at your current address for at least a year.

Levelize you bills

EPB PrePay Power

Make any-sized payment as you go and when you can — no late fees, reconnect fees or security deposits. Instead of monthly energy bills, EPB PrePay Power lets you pay for the energy you use before you use it. If your account gets low, simply add as little or as much as you can. You have control.

Enroll in PrePay Power

Apply to get up to $10,000 in FREE energy upgrades

Your income may qualify you for up to $10,000 in FREE energy-saving upgrades, such as added insulation, sealed air leaks, modern appliances, new HVAC systems or repairs, tankless or electric water heaters and more, through Home Uplift from EPB and TVA. Over 700 customers have received Home Uplifts so far and have reported an average of $400 per year or more in energy savings along with improved comfort, health and air quality..

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Track and manage your home’s energy usage

Get to know the energy you use in real time and track your energy-saving habits with the free MyEPB app. Set up optional alerts that tell you when your bill reaches an amount of your choice and notify you of unusually high energy usage, giving you more time to identify and resolve underlying issues. Plus, securely pay your EPB bills in minutes, report outages, get restoration estimates and more!

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Maximize energy savings with a FREE EPB Home Energy CheckupSM

Discover which home improvements and energy habits will help you save the most energy with free Home Energy Checkup. Your EPB Energy Pro will visit your home when it’s convenient for you, evaluate your energy efficiency and provide a prioritized custom report with steps you can take to increase your savings.

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Energy questions? Chat with a pro on the phone — it’s free!

Whether you have questions about a project, new appliance, energy-saving habits, solar power or electric vehicles, our EPB Energy Pros will provide unbiased, personalized advice that can’t be matched by Google. And it’s completely free, just like all EPB Energy Pros services! Simply fill out this quick, easy form to request a free 30-minute phone consultation.

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Get energy tips from our helpful DIY videos

Discover hundreds of videos designed to answer your home energy questions from our official EPB YouTube channel. Watch helpful video tips and tutorials created by our EPB Energy Pros to help you tackle projects and adopt energy-saving habits to improve your home’s efficiency and reduce energy costs, plus tech tips and other EPB-related content. Subscribe and click the bell icon so you won’t miss new videos!

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