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Electric Vehicle Connectivity Incentive

Receive $150 back when you install EV-Charging Connectivity

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Equip your newly-built home for electric vehicle charging and get $150 back!

Imagine having a “gas station” right in your garage? That’s what it’s like to fully charge your electric vehicle in just a few hours with Level 2 EV charging at home. And now when you install a dedicated power outlet capable of Level 2 charging during the construction of your new home, you can get $150 cash back.1

1 To be eligible for the Electric Vehicles Connectivity incentive, a dedicated 240-volt (minimum 40-amp rated) electrical circuit and receptacle (and/or UL 2594 certified electric vehicle charging station) must be installed in a new, single family home in a garage or similar space intended for electric vehicle charging. Third-party vendors and electric vehicle charging businesses do not qualify for this incentive.

Why Level 2 Charging at home?

  • Charges faster – fully charges most EVs in just 4-6 hours
  • Saves money – a full charge at home can go 300 miles for around $10
  • Only needs a 240-volt power outlet – like an electric stove or dryer
  • Retail-level charging – same as at grocery stores, restaurants & malls
  • Super convenient – you may never have to charge on the go

EPB Energy ProsSM can help you build better now for long-term cost savings and fiber-ready connectivity. Learn more about the EPB Smart Build Program.

How to install EV charging connectivity at home

  • Choose the right location – garage, carport or parking area
  • Pick a good spot for an outlet – near your parked EV’s charging port
  • Hire an electrician – from EPB’s Quality Contractor Network
  • Have them install the EV outlet – 240 Volt (minimum 40-amp rated)
  • Use the proper Level 2 power cord – to quickly charge at home!

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