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Why We Trim

Maintaining beautiful trees & preventing outages


Proper pruning ensures healthy trees, and reliable power.

Whether you live in the country or along a shady street, trees and shrubs add tremendous beauty to our neighborhoods. However, they’re also the leading cause of power outages. So we must make sure they don’t grow into power lines and equipment, and potentially disrupt service during storms and severe weather.

EPB partners with hundreds of contracted arborists who properly prune trees year-round to keep them healthy, and clear of power lines – so they’ll continue to be a treasured part of our community for generations to come.

EPB's Tree Trimming Guidelines:

  • EPB only trims foliage that poses a potential threat to power service delivery.
  • We trim a minimum of 10 feet away from one-phase primary power lines. We may trim further away from higher voltage lines, and on fast-growing trees.
  • We trim all weak, damaged or dead limbs that hang above conductors.
  • Trimming exceptions include low-growing trees (dogwoods, redbuds, ornamentals) and landscape quality trees less than 6 inches in diameter.
  • If you have a tree growing directly under power lines, we encourage you to let us remove it. We’ll cut the tree down, grind the smaller limbs, and cut the logs into fireplace lengths – all at no charge.
  • As a property owner, you’re responsible for trees that interfere with service lines that run from a transformer pole to your home. But we’ll be happy to lower your service line to allow your tree contractor to trim and remove foliage, and then reinstall service at no charge.

Where to Plant

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Fall Planting Tips

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