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05 November 2021 · 5 min. read

Rock City, EPB and Seven States Power partner to deploy educational solar arbor

Lookout Mountain, GA (Nov. 5, 2021) – Rock City, EPB and Seven States Power Corporation are celebrating the completion of a new solar powered arbor that will reduce energy consumption and enhance educational opportunities at Rock City. The partners began construction of the plant arbor, which is being used as a framework for the solar system installation, near the Rock City guest entrance in August 2021. Power from the solar arbor is connected to the ticket booth, which will enhance the availability of sustainable energy to the facility while also helping the partners educate Rock City customers about solar and promote the use of it. Guests will be able to see sustainability in action when they visit Rock City.

“The Rock City Innovation Team, comprised of amazing craftsmen and artists who own our legacy and brand, were the perfect leaders for us in this important project,” said Susan Harris, Rock City President & CEO. “They understand our need for continual guest enhancements, while committing to sustainable methods that prioritize the natural wonders of Rock City Gardens. The new solar arbor on our ticket plaza sets the tone beautifully for guests who visit.”

The solar canopy will generate approximately 16,800 kWh of renewable energy annually – enough to power 40 refrigerators or 3,200 cell phones for an entire year. The celebration concluded the Seven States Power Corporation annual meeting which was held at Rock City.

“We could not be more excited to host our members and special guests at Rock City in the beautiful Scenic City for this year’s annual meeting and solar arbor dedication,” said Betsey Kirk McCall, Seven States Power Corporation President & CEO. “As the leading technology solutions provider to local power companies across the Tennessee Valley, it has been a pleasure working with Rock City and EPB on this unique and innovative project. We believe it can serve as a blueprint for others across the Valley and show what the power of partnerships can do as we all continue to explore new ways to best serve our communities.”

“EPB’s partnership is part of our mission to help enhance quality of life for our customers by sharing our energy expertise, providing access to innovative energy solutions, and promoting environmentally sustainable power generation,” said David Wade, EPB President & CEO.

With more than 75 years of years of combined experience, EPB Energy Pros provide free energy expertise and services to all EPB customers. For example, they provide free EPB Home Energy Checkups, in-person or virtual assessments of customers’ homes and provide them with personalized recommendations about the most cost-effective ways to make their homes healthier and more energy efficient. EPB Energy Pros can also provide guidance to help customers plan solar installations, install EV chargers and make home energy renovations. They’ll even inspect the contractor’s work when the project is done to ensure optimal customer benefit. In addition, EPB Energy Pros are available for phone and video consultations on all home energy related topics from questions about buying major appliances, what kind of insulation will provide the most cost-effective savings, to whether it’s time to buy a new hot water heater. All of these services are available to both homeowners and renters at no charge to help them get the most value from the energy they use. Customers can call our EPB Energy Pros at 423-648-1372 or book an appointment at

Lightwave Solar served as the contractor for the construction of the solar arbor.

About Rock City

See Rock City Inc. is a hospitality and entertainment company that features world-renowned Rock City Gardens high atop Lookout Mountain, just six miles from downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rock City is one of the South’s most popular natural attractions, known for its seven states view, unique geological and botanical wonders including massive ancient rock formations, a large waterfall that cascades down the mountain and a Swing-A-Long Bridge that spans nearly 200 feet. SRC also owns and operates Battles for Chattanooga museum, Clumpies Ice Cream Co., GOOD DOG, Grandview Conference Center, RiverView Inn and Starbucks; as well as the ticketing and concessions for the Incline Railway and The Charles H. Coolidge National Medal of Honor Heritage Center, and the retail shop and café at Creative Discovery Museum. Visit for more info.

About Seven States Power Corporation

Seven States Power Corporation is an energy and technology solutions provider for local power companies in the Tennessee Valley. As a non-profit membership cooperative, it is 100% owned and operated by the 153 power utilities across the seven states region in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s service area. Seven States leverages innovative technology to design, develop, and deploy sustainable solutions. It strategically deploys solutions that align with the local power companies and TVA’s shared vision for innovative technology that supports grid resiliency, economic development and carbon reduction efforts. To date, Seven States has installed more than 100 electric vehicle charging stations across the Tennessee Valley, deployed a solar generated microgrid at the U.S. Space & Rocket in Huntsville, AL, and is pursuing a middle-mile fiber network. Visit for more information.

About EPB

EPB serves the greater Chattanooga area by providing world-class energy and connectivity solutions as a means of promoting economic development and enhancing quality of life for our community. We deliver electricity to more than 170,000 homes and businesses across our 600 square mile service area which includes most of Hamilton County as well as parts of surrounding counties in both Tennessee and Georgia. In 2010, EPB Fiber Optics, which offers internet, TV, and telephone services, became the first provider in the United States to deliver up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) internet speeds utilizing a community-wide fiber optic network which is accessible to every home and business in its service area. In 2015, EPB became the first, and to date, only American ISP to make up to 10 Gig (10,000 Mbps) internet speeds accessible to all its residential and commercial customers as a standard offer.

EPB has also utilized its community-wide fiber optic network to deploy the most advanced and highly automated smart grid power management system in the nation. In recognition of EPB’s groundbreaking infrastructure, the Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory are utilizing EPB’s smart grid as a national model for researching and developing best practices. EPB is also the first major power distribution utility to earn the USGBC’s PEER certification for having a highly automated, modernized electric power grid.

EPB is an independent board of the City of Chattanooga which began serving customers in 1939. Visit for more information.


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