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Is motion detection available on EPB Hosted Cameras?

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Yes. Motion Detection is available on all EPB Hosted Camera options.

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The system automatically bookmarks stored video by date, time and description. You can access footage stored in the cloud anytime, anywhere from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Yes. Motion Detection is available on all EPB Hosted Camera options.

EPB will send a highly knowledgeable technician to your business to perform what we call a site survey. During this time, we will discuss what your business video surveillance needs are, and how EPB Hosted Camera can meet those needs. We will discuss placement of cameras with you in advance to make sure you have optimal performance and visibility. After a site survey is complete, we will send you a final proposal that outlines the proposed solution and charges. You will need to accept this proposal via your electronic signature. Once the proposal is signed, your install date will be established. We can call in advance before coming out, if need be, in order to make sure it is still a good time for you and your business.

Yes. EPB technicians that install our EPB Hosted Camera solution have gone through state level background checks and passed all required testing to be certified. EPB’s state license number is available upon request.

Yes. Our Advanced Email solution enables you to showcase your brand by adding a personalized web domain to your email address.

To learn more, schedule your free business technology assessment or call 423-648-1500.

There are no data limits. Use all of the data you want at no additional charge.

Minimum equipment requirements include: Processor - Intel i5 3.2GHz or higher and AMD FX-8120 or higher, Memory - 8GB or higher, Operating System (OS) - Windows 8.1 or Apple Mac OSX 10.8 or higher, PCIx Hard Drive with Sequential Read/Write over 1.25 GigaBytes per second.

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