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Can I easily set up restrictions for my guest network with Smart Network for Business?

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Yes. The router has 'parental/business controls' that can block specific URLs or URL keywords. If you would like specific content to be blocked, your EPB Sales Manager or Field Technician can set that up for you.

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There are no data limits. Use all of the data you want at no additional charge.

All of your EPB Fiber Optics for Business services will appear on one bill. We do not require any upfront money, so all charges one-time and monthly recurring will be on one bill.

If you voluntarily discontinue your EPB Hosted Camera account, your recordings are deleted from the cloud-based vault. However, if you are disconnected due to a non-payment on your account, recordings will be retained, and your account restricted until payment is made.

Your vault includes unlimited storage. Clips can be saved in 1-hour increments and kept for as long as you like.

No. Your EPB Hosted Camera subscription includes repairs and replacements at no additional charge if your equipment malfunctions.

Yes. Motion Detection is available on all EPB Hosted Camera options.

Standard installation is $110 per indoor camera and $220 per outdoor camera. There is also a $9 activation charge per camera installed.

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