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Can I download other apps on the Fire TV Stick I’m renting from EPB?

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Yes! In fact, for just $10 more a month than our 300 Mbps internet, the Gig is powerful enough to support all of your family’s devices with no buffering or lag times – even when all of them are running simultaneously.

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You can record as many shows as you like at the same time and not take up any of your streams. So you can record on several channels at the same time and still watch up to 6 streams (or more with additional stream purchase) on other channels and devices while you are recording.

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There is no limit to the amount of content you can record and keep for up to nine months However, keep in mind each recording will be automatically deleted as it reaches nine months on your DVR.

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You can see the current channel listing.

We are fully compliant with all regulations related to providing support for visually impaired customers in using our video services. Please call 423-648-1372 to learn more.

Yes. EPB Fi TV’s “replay” lets you watch shows up to 3 days after they air. Use the search feature, indicated by the magnifying glass icon, to find a show or movie by title. Then available episodes will appear in the listing below.

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