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I got a Home Uplift, but my energy bills are still expensive. What do I do?

Try the steps below to resolve your issue.

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EPB receives funding from grants and TVA to pay for the Home Uplift program, which supports our mission to help our community thrive, promote equity and reduce financial barriers that prevent customers from making upgrades that improve energy efficiency and comfort.

EPB’s primary goal is to improve quality of life in our community through products, services and programs that empower our customers and help them thrive. Plus, reducing energy usage helps us lighten energy demands on our Smart Grid, lowering energy costs for our entire community. Improved energy efficiency also helps the environment and local wildlife.

Consider this: in Tennessee, energy bills are disproportionately high for lower income households and take up a greater percentage of their limited income (source). Meanwhile, technological advances have helped make modern appliances and electrics more energy efficient than ever before, but replacing older, less efficient models with new ones is often expensive and out of reach for households with lower income. In other words, the people who could benefit the most from energy improvements that lower their energy bills have difficulty affording these upgrades in the first place. We’re here to serve our community, and helping these customers increase energy savings and improve health and comfort at no cost is one way we can do this.

Part of our Smart Grid system, digital smart meters have the ability to communicate with the power system and measure your electric consumption every 15 minutes. If there is a power outage or unusual consumption at your home or business we can respond immediately and fix the problem. You can view your own consumption, report outages and more on the MyEPB app.

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Thousands of computers, sensors and switches capture and deliver information about power delivery over an 8,000-mile fiber optic network. This automated, self-healing system has the power to proactively identify potential issues and automatically reroute electricity around problem areas in a matter of seconds.

Learn more about the Smart Grid.

A free in-home evaluation performed by us. We inspect and report on ten different categories of energy efficiency. We then provide customers with a prioritized list of energy upgrades and a link to a list of approved vendors that participate in the EPB & TVA Quality Contractor Network.

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