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Will EPB provide an HDMI cable if needed for my devices?

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If your TV is not a compatible smart TV, then yes. However, streaming devices can be moved from TV to TV if you don’t want to buy one for every TV. Also, remember you can watch Fi TV on other streaming devices such as tablets and smartphones. Watch these helpful videos for more information.

Unfortunately we cannot, because each Fire TV Stick only comes with one remote.

Most popular channels, but not all, will support both of these features. But you may find that these features won't work on some channels.


Yes. Our Sports Channel Package features 6 popular sports networks including NFL RedZone, MLB Strike Zone, Stadium College Sports and more for just $4.19 plus tax per month.

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There is no charge for residential installation. And, with EPB there are no contracts or hidden fees.

People want more control to watch what they want, when they want, and where they want. We're no longer tied to the television screen – we want to watch on other devices like phones, tablets and laptops. Fi TV lets you watch video content when, where and how you want it. And, because Fi TV eliminates the need for wired set top boxes and DVRs, it can potentially save you money as well.

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