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Can I watch the EPB Fi TV app on a web browser over the internet?

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Yes. The EPB Fi TV app is supported on most popular web browsers. Just type in EPB.tv to access the EPB Fi TV login screen. Log in using your Fi TV login and password. If you have trouble logging in or need to change your password, call an EPB representative any time, day or night, at 423-648-1372.

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The EPB Fi TV app offers the same three Channel Packages as our previous TV plans, including:

  • Bronze (23 channels, including all local affiliates)
  • Silver (95 channels)
  • Gold (156 channels plus 50 music channels)

All available On Demand content for each network is also included.

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You can install the EPB Fi TV app on as many devices as you like. But remember that you only have 6 streams for simultaneous viewing unless you purchase additional streams for $2.50 each per month, with an upper limit of 10 total streams.

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If your TV is not a compatible smart TV, then yes. However, streaming devices can be moved from TV to TV if you don’t want to buy one for every TV. Also, remember you can watch Fi TV on other streaming devices such as tablets and smartphones. Watch these helpful videos for more information.

No. Because the EPB Fi TV app is delivered over the internet, it works on all kinds of internet-connected devices without the need for a set top box. Not only does this save you the monthly charge for each set top box, it also means that you can take Fi TV with you wherever you watch TV. For more information, watch this helpful video.

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Yes, you can rent up to 10 Amazon Fire TV Sticks from EPB.

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Unfortunately we cannot, because each Fire TV Stick only comes with one remote.

Most popular channels, but not all, will support both of these features. But you may find that these features won't work on some channels.

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