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Does EPB Hosted Camera video also include audio?

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EPB Hosted Camera is a video product only. No audio is picked up or recorded.

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EPB Hosted Camera is a video product only. No audio is picked up or recorded.

EPB offers several different camera models with a range of functionality and resolution, up to 1080p at 15 frames per second. We will discuss your needs with you and work to find a camera solution right for your business.

Yes. Camera packages can include a mix of both standard and advanced feature levels.

EPB will replace any non-working cameras, but theft or vandalization of EPB equipment would be the sole responsibility of the customer. However, if a camera is vandalized or stolen, since the camera is always recording, you should be able to get a video of the event up to when the camera goes offline. EPB will bill the customer for the unreturned rate of the cameras, and then we can re-install new ones, if you like. Most businesses carry insurance, and these types of instances are most often covered. However, talk with your insurance company to get specifics on what is covered under your policy.

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To learn more, schedule your free business technology assessment or call 423-648-1500.

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