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Are EPB Hosted Cameras recording all the time?

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No. Video captured by your cameras is delivered in real time, thanks to the world’s fastest internet delivered over the area’s only 100% fiber optic network.


Yes. You can use the calendar icon to input day and time to search.

Yes. EPB Hosted Camera is built to scale. So, as your business needs change, you can add or delete cameras without affecting your overall EPB Hosted Camera service.

Yes. EPB technicians that install our EPB Hosted Camera solution have gone through state level background checks and passed all required testing to be certified. EPB’s state license number is available upon request.

No. EPB technicians are only currently only licensed for TN installations.

The router we use will support 64 clients/devices, per radio (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radios included) at any given time.

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