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Smart Build Program Build efficiency and big incentives into your new home
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Maximize savings & internet speeds with the EPB Smart Build Program

If you’re a homeowner serving as general contractor on your new home build, EPB Energy Pros can help you earn valuable incentives for more energy-efficient construction that’s pre-wired for the world’s fastest internet. Connect your home and your family to the future with the EPB Smart Build Program!

  • Get help making energy-efficient choices now for long-term cost savings
  • Maximize fiber-fast internet speeds with wiring that connects every room
  • FREE temporary power at the start of your project ($175 value)
  • FREE blower door & duct blaster test helps you identify and fix air leaks and gaps for code compliance ($300 value)
  • Secure thousands in cash back for making energy-efficient choices in HVAC & water heater systems and outfitting your garage with EV connectivity
Smart Build Program

Why participate in the EPB Smart Build Program?

  • Dedicated guidance on insulation, ventilation and air sealing requirements to maximize comfort throughout the year
  • Expert advice on choosing energy-efficient HVAC systems that will save your homeowners money (look for a minimum SEER2 rating of 15.2)
  • Guidance to ensure ductwork installation provides proper sealing, air flow and improved air quality
  • Specifics on fiber wiring best practices for whole-home connectivity

Get additional incentives from EPB & TVA

On top of taking advantage of Free EPB Energy Pro guidance as you build your new Smart Build home, you can receive valuable incentives from EPB and TVA EnergyRight® for these energy efficiency choices:

Fiber Fast Connectivity

We’ll help make sure your new home is fiber-ready for the future

  • Expert guidance on pre-wiring your home for the World's Fastest Community-Wide internet
  • Enjoy fiber-fast, reliable connectivity in every room
  • Future-ready your living space for smart home innovations to come
  • Keep your home ahead of the curve as the number of devices in your home grows
  • See our complete Fiber Wiring Guidelines for details
Doing work with 300 MBPS Internet in Chattanooga, TN
Expert Guidance

EPB Energy ProsSM are here to help you build smart every step of the way

  • Start your Smart Build process by reaching out to the EPB Energy ProsSM
  • We’ll meet with you and your builder to review guidelines
  • Get advice on energy efficient systems and quick answers to your questions
  • Quality assurance checkups are available at no-charge anytime

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