The Internet is now the NextNet.

Introducing residential service up to 10 Gigs!

EPB Fiber Optics brought gigabit speeds (1,000 Mbps) to “Gig City” in 2010 with our community-wide fiber optic network. Today, we’re multiplying that speed by 10 and announcing 10 gigabit (10 Gig) Internet service. Residential service will be available anywhere in EPB’s service area for $299 per month with free installation, no contracts and no cancellation fees.

Just how fast is 10 Gig Internet?

With 10,000 Mbps of Internet speed, that's enough bandwidth to stream 1,754 online movies all at the same time – in HD – from a single Internet connection without experiencing any buffering or lag time. While that’s more bandwidth than you can imagine needing now – it’s an enormous blank slate of possibility for whatever opportunities innovative thinkers can dream up next.

Faster speeds mean newer equipment

In order to maximize speeds, EPB will need to install a special ONT inside of your home near your computer or network router. The location of this box will be critical so installers will work with you for the most effective placement.

Get your home ready for the world’s fastest Internet!

You’ll need to make sure your computer and other equipment (including wireless router) is capable of processing speeds this fast, and then be prepared to upgrade them if needed. Here are the minimum specifications required to run 10 Gig Internet:



  • Memory
    8GB or higher
  • Processor
    Intel i5 3.2GHz or higher or
    AMD FX-8120 or higher
  • Operating System (OS)
    Windows 8.1 or later (PC)
    macOS 10.8 or later (Mac)
  • Storage
    PCIx SSD with sequential read/write over 1.25 Gigabytes per second



  • Single Computer
    1 x 10Gbps Ethernet port utilizing 850nm optics
  • Home WiFi Network
    1 x 10 Gbps Router (with NAT or IPv4)

Computer and router equipment upgrade options are available for purchase through online and local retailers. Brands, models, and prices may vary.

Got questions?

Call our tech support experts anytime day or night at 423-648-1372.

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NextNet FAQ

  • EPB provides 24/7/365 technical support for all of our customers. Our new 10 Gig customers will also receive:
  • Up to 10 Gig symmetrical upload and download internet bandwidth with PON technology using 100% fiber optic network
  • Up to 7 email boxes
  • 10GB of storage per email box
  • Antivirus, anti-spam, anti-spyware software installed free
  • Parental controls
  • Free installation, no contract or term condition, no cancellation fees. However, internet is not eligible for resale.

The best location for your new ONT box is in very close proximity to your main computer and/or wireless router. This will require access to a clean, clear area on a wall to mount the ONT box that is near a customer-provided power source. We will determine if walls or other obstacles within your home may impede service and will provide suggestions for possibly relocating some equipment in order to maximize speed and performance.

The ONT unit is 2” tall, 19” wide and 10” deep – about the size of a DVD player. The ONT mounts with the bottom flat against the wall using a bracket that we provide and install for you. There are two types of available brackets, one that is 2” deep to provide more of a flush mount and another option that is 6” deep that enables the power cords to be neatly between the ONT unit and the wall. Technicians will help you determine the right mounting bracket for your particular installation.

First our technicians will make a “pre-installation inspection” to assess certain aspects of your home. This includes the locations and specifications of your computer and router (if you have a wireless network). We will also determine the best path to run Cat 5e Ethernet if you don’t already have EPB's Fi-Speed Internet.

Next, we will work with you to determine with you the best possible location for the special ONT box we will need to install inside of your home in order for you to receive 10 Gig service.

Afterwards, we will schedule the actual installation with you for another visit, usually within two weeks. Both visits can be scheduled at your convenience.

Right now EPB is not able to offer a Smart Network package to accompany a 10 gigabit installation. This may change in the future but we are always available at 423-648-1372 to assist you with any performance or networking issues you may have.

Because EPB is committed to remaining a leader in internet innovation for future generations. When we released 1 Gigabit service in 2010, EPB became the first provider to offer the fastest internet in the nation. With our new groundbreaking 10-Gigabit speeds, EPB now offers the fastest internet in the world!

EPB Fiber Optics can only guarantee internet speeds of “up to” 10 Gigabits.




There are in fact several factors that can reduce your internet speeds and performance. For example, older hardware will most likely not be able to carry gigabit speeds, even with a cabled connection. Gigabit wireless technology (hardware that you the consumer purchase) is still in its infancy. We have technical experts here at EPB Fiber Optics who can discuss these concerns with you further if you’d like. Our goal is to offer you advice and hardware that helps optimize your user experience as much as possible using some of the best technology currently available.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Make sure your wireless router is located in the best possible location. Keep routers away from microwave ovens, wireless phones and other major appliances. Also, locating your router near brick walls, floors, ceilings and other obstacles that can impede the signal.
  • Change the router channel from the factory default setting to another option in order to differentiate your signal from those of your neighbors.
  • Upgrade the router firmware to make sure it is running the latest software version and settings.
  • Upgrade your router’s antenna in order to increase its range and strength. Increase network security by password-protecting your home’s network so that others can’t access it, and weaken your network signal strength.

Be prepared to show the pre-install technician where your main computer and/or wireless router are located and to enable access for determining whether or not your current equipment can handle 10 Gig Internet service. If your equipment should need updating, technicians will be glad to provide information on routers and processor cards available that can handle 10 Gigs of bandwidth speed.

Also, we will need to check your wiring at the cable or Ethernet outlet where your main computer and router will be located. And, be prepared to identify an alternative location for your computer and/or router if the technician deems it necessary.

It is very important to understand that you will not get the full 100 Mbps or 1Gig speed with wireless devices connected to the network via a router, even though you will still enjoy speeds much faster than other types of broadband networks. If speeds are far below, it’s usually a router issue. You may have an out-of-date model, you may need to reboot it or the location of it in the home is the culprit. When performing network speed tests, be sure that your device is wired to the network and that no other applications are running. Even running an email application in the background can affect test results.