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Residential Fiber Optics Acceptable Use Policy

Residential Fiber Optics Acceptable Use Policy
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First, our technicians will make a “pre-installation consultation” to assess certain aspects of your home. This includes discovering the locations and specifications of your computer and router (if you have a wireless network) to ensure both will deliver that kind of speed. We will determine the best path to run new Ethernet wiring, which is required to handle 10-Gig Internet. And, we will work with you to determine the best possible location for the special ONT box we will need to install inside of your home in order for you to receive 10-Gig service. Afterwards, we will schedule the actual installation with you for another time. Both visits can be scheduled at your convenience.

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There is no charge for residential installation. And, with EPB there are no contracts or hidden fees.

It depends. Like all technology, wireless routers are continually improved and updated so performance could be based on the age and type of router. We recommend that you check your wireless router with a “speed test” to ensure you are receiving the best performance from your new speed, and upgrade your router if necessary.

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There are many reasons why you may not be achieving Gigabit speeds. Let's start by pointing out that the best way to get the maximum internet speed is to connect your computer directly to the EPB Fiber Optics jack using a Cat 5e ethernet wire. Keep in mind that advertised speeds can rarely be achieved on WiFi because the signal strength diluted over a wireless network. If you're using a WiFi router, there are several factors that can affect your performance. The age and type of wireless router, as well as its placement in your home are determining factors of speed and performance. And, like all technology, wireless routers are continually improved and updated for better performance. If you're using older equipment that wasn't made to handle such speeds, we recommend that you upgrade your router and computer if necessary.

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We're using the internet more than ever before. In fact, the average household already has more than twenty connected devices, and some experts project that number will triple in the next few years. Gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, PC’s, thermostats, doorbells, security cameras, smart TV’s, streaming media devices (Amazon Fire Stick TV, Apple TV, etc) and many, many more devices are becoming part of our everyday lives. And, with the whole family using your home's internet at the same time, the more bandwidth (speed) you have the more you can do, without lagging or buffering.

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Minimum equipment requirements include: Processor - Intel i5 3.2GHz or higher and AMD FX-8120 or higher, Memory - 8GB or higher, Operating System (OS) - Windows 8.1 or Apple Mac OSX 10.8 or higher, PCIx Hard Drive with Sequential Read/Write over 1.25 GigaBytes per second.

Yes! In fact, for just $10 more a month than our 300 Mbps internet, the Gig is powerful enough to support all of your family’s devices with no buffering or lag times – even when all of them are running simultaneously.

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