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Part of our Smart Grid system, digital smart meters have the ability to communicate with the power system and measure your electric consumption every 15 minutes. If there is a power outage or unusual consumption at your home or business we can respond immediately and fix the problem. You can view your own consumption, report outages and more on the MyEPB app.

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First and foremost, the Smart Grid has avoided nearly 19 million outage minutes - so far. But in addition, the Smart Grid infrastructure serves as a basis for ongoing research into innovative power delivery, grid security and smart city research - just to name a few. We continue to work the the Department of Energy and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to discover ways this highly intelligent infrastructure can improve quality of life in our community and serve as a best-practice model for other communities.

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Yes. We have a complete line of available pole and fixture options that include complete installation and service.

Thousands of computers, sensors and switches capture and deliver information about power delivery over an 8,000-mile fiber optic network. This automated, self-healing system has the power to proactively identify potential issues and automatically reroute electricity around problem areas in a matter of seconds.

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A free in-home evaluation performed by us. We inspect and report on ten different categories of energy efficiency. We then provide customers with a prioritized list of energy upgrades and a link to a list of approved vendors that participate in the EPB & TVA Quality Contractor Network.

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Yes. Low-watt LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs and last up to ten times longer. Installing them in just five of your most frequently used light fixtures can save over $65 a year in energy costs. And, turning off all unnecessary lights saves even more.

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