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Roku Content Guide

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Yes. You can use any combination of Fi TV supported devices on your home’s network.

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Fiber optic technology transmits information using laser-generated pulses of light that travel over hair-thin strands of glass fiber. Because light travels faster than anything else in the universe, fiber optics provide faster uploads and downloads while reducing network reaction times. Traditional communications companies use copper lines to transfer their signal to your home or business. EPB Fiber Optics is the area's only provider that uses 100% fiber optics.

Yes. As long as you are logged into a device you are using a stream. To free up streams, simply log out of devices. To sign out of Fi TV on that device, click “sign out” at the bottom of your Profile screen.

As the cost of TV content continues to rise dramatically and more and more customers switch to streaming to save money, we want to help our business customers take full advantage of this trend and save money too. Our new EPB Managed Streaming TV solution gives you the video content you need to meet your business objectives while dramatically reducing or even eliminating your TV costs — including monthly plan costs, set top box rentals, annual rate increases and more. In fact, we can help you access streaming options that are absolutely free of charge. While we will no longer offer businesses a traditional TV product, we will work with you to select the video content that is best for your business, install the necessary equipment (a streaming device, internet and managed WiFi) for smooth, buffer-free streaming and provide ongoing technical support

Unfortunately, no. You will need to keep using your current rented device as long as it is still functional and supported. However, if you ever have a problem with a device you are renting from EPB, we will replace it for you when you return the original device.

No. If you already subscribe to Fi TV you can keep it. You can re-term your fiber services, but Fi TV is not a contractual service. However, you may want to consider moving to this new Managed Streaming TV for Business. We are happy to talk with you to see if this is a good option that would meet your needs while saving you money. Please see your Terms & Conditions for details of EPB Fiber Optics services.

EPB will sell the Roku® stick at EPB’s cost of $40. If you choose, EPB can spread the cost of the Roku sticks out on your monthly bill for up to 6 months. This option eliminates paying the full amount of the Roku sticks upfront and allows the cost to be broken out on your bill in monthly increments (up to maximum of 6 months). Furthermore, once the Roku stick(s) are paid in full, the charge will no longer show on your bill.

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